Zuzana Šemšáková

Something about me
I started yoga ten years ago, when I realized how much it helps me not only physically, but also mentally. In 2017, I completed the Yoga Instructor course for the European Yoga Federation in Prague, where after finishing the course I stayed to work and teach yoga to this day. I mainly focus on Hatha yoga, but I have also completed several other courses such as Siddhi&Siddha yoga, Corporate yoga, Yoga 50+ or Yoga for mothers with children. In 2021, I received my Yoga Teacher certificate. I would like to give you a beautiful experience by combining body positions, breathing exercises and joint meditations. The yoga class is designed for all age groups, both beginners and advanced. We will do everything within the framework of pleasantness and within our possibilities. Join me and together we will start a new healthy start in life. Now is exactly the right moment.