Why stay at LiveCentrum?
Whether you are preparing for a trip in the great outdoor or are on a work trip, you will find a comfortable place to lay your head. We offer accommodations for up to 4 people in our apartments for short-term lease, with all the equipment and comforts, parking, and a storage cubicle to store your bikes or other things. Accommodations in the calm center of the city is not only a great starting place to visit monuments and other interesting places in Děčín, but also the gate to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, where you can admire the unique sandstone formations and the rare flora and fauna. You can also take a cruise on the Elbe River, ride on the bike trails along its banks, or see the beauties of the nearby German cities Pirna and Dresden. Lovers of nature, historical monuments, and adrenaline-filled activities will all find things to enjoy in the vicinity of Děčín.
Everything for your comfort
Purposefully equipped, spacious, and modern apartments offer everything that you may need. The open living room-kitchen plan lets in plenty of light and thus creates a very airy impression. The apartment is equipped with a table and a folding couch, which can be pulled out and used as a twin bed. The kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator with freezer, kettle, and silverware. Individual bedrooms provide peace and privacy. Bedrooms are equipped with practical built-in wardrobes. In the bathroom is a modern and spacious shower, toilet, and other essential accessories. Naturally, there is a flat-screen television, air-conditioning, and WiFi connection. If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare a great breakfast for you, which you can enjoy in the pleasant environment of the ARRIGŌ gastronomical complex, directly below your apartment.
Experience LiveCentrum with all your senses
The whole multifunction campus is designed so that during your stay you will lack for nothing. On the bottom floor of the building, you’ll find the unique ARRIGŌ Culinary, with a wide variety of breakfast, daily, and á la carte menus. In our Café, you can taste an inexhaustible amount of choice or special coffees along with our homemade desserts. Our Bakery offers freshly baked sweet and savory baked goods, and in Shop with a modern bistro, you can buy food to take with you on your trip, or buy our original homemade ice cream. Our fully equipped Fitness Gym and Fight Arena, with an area of over 1000 m2, and SportStudio, where you can try out many sports activities, offer active rest. You will also find modern solariums, the opportunity to sit and relax on private roof terraces with greenery and a beautiful view, all with the possibility of room service from our restaurant and café.
The beauty of nature in the Děčín region
Thanks to its location on the threshold of Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland, LiveCentrum is an ideal place to include in your itinerary. There is something for everyone on trips in the region. Natural wonders, adrenaline, hikes, or getting to know the history of Děčín – you can experience all of this right in Děčín or just a short distance away. The sandstone formations, like Pravčická brána or the rock city Tiské stěny, that are a part of the National Park, are worth a visit. You can take a ride on boats in Edmund’s Gorge. The Elbe River Canyon can be explored by foot, on bike, scooter, or right on the river in rafts or on a cruise boat that goes through Hřensko and Pirna all the way to Dresden. Right in Děčín, a city that was established in the 10th century as a settlement near the Přemyslid Fort, and later became a royal city, there are several places worth visiting. Visit the Renaissance castle with a Rose Garden or the watch tower Pastýřská stěna, which offers a beautiful view of the Old Town, which you can get to by routes of varying difficulty along the famous Via Ferrata.
Where can you find us?
Duchcovská 827,
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