Olga Kalašová

Our Tabata and Bosu trainer
“Endorphins are the hormones of happiness; they take your mind off your worries!”
Olga K.
About me
Exercising and fitness have always been one of my favorite things. In 2011, I had the opportunity to start teaching K2 Hiking and I discovered that teaching is something that really fulfills me, so I stuck with it and it has become a hobby. I discovered that teaching was a way for me to express my energy, which I like to pass on to others. That is the reason why I wanted to educate myself more in the area of sports, broaden my horizons, and add another type of sport. In 2012, I chose exercise with the balance trainer Bosu. Since 2018 I have also devoted myself to Tabata functional training. Because I like to push myself in all areas, I regularly attend courses and schooling for Bosu and Tabata trainings, and also plan to become a fitness trainer.