Andrea Bartáková

Pole dance
I first encountered pole dancing in 2012 at the Vertigo pole fitness studio in Prague, and it completely absorbed me. I worked in this studio as a student and later, after graduating from the Pole dance academy, as an instructor. In 2016, I returned to Děčín for my first maternity leave :) then came the second maternity leave and the covid period. And it was at this time that my friend and I bought a pole and started brushing up our skills. In 2022, I completed the accredited Pole Dance Instructor training and successfully completed it with an exam. What I like about pole dancing is that it is an aesthetic sport. It is a combination of weight training, grace and elegance. I'm constantly surprised by the endless amount of tricks and combinations it offers, there's always something to work on. For me, pole dancing is a way of unwinding from daily duties and recharging my energy. It is a joy that I would like to pass on to you too ;)