Vítek Mrákota

18 Fights in profi MMA
200 Fights in Wrestling
90 Fights in Grappling
2x Czech Champion in Grappling
1x Poland Champion in Grappling Master
Our MMA trainer
“Victory above oneself brings joy!”
Vítek M.
About me
Since childhood I have practiced martial arts; it was always my dream to establish myself among the competition and win medals at world competitions. It quickly became a reality and I had the honor of representing the Czech Republic in karate, winning several World Championships and subsequently participate in the education of other representatives. I specialize in Karate, Kickboxing, Grappling, and MMA. My whole career I have been aware that, thanks to my success in the world of sports, it has been easier for me to establish myself in other areas of life. The principles of establishing oneself are, according to my experiences, very similar, whether it’s in sports, business, communications, or self-defense. And it is in the use of an original approach to martial arts and its connection with everyday life that I see the greatest benefit of these sports for today's society.