Karel Růžička

1x European Champion
5x Czech Champion
1x World Vice-champion
2x 3rd place World Championship
1x Asia Champion
226 fights in amateur
33 fights in profi Kickbox and K1
Our Kickbox trainer
“We can go up and down, but we must never give up.”
Karel R.
About me
I began Kickboxing in 1990 in Ústí nad Labem under Jiří Liška. Under his coaching I won several National Championship titles. My first big fight abroad was in 1996 at the World Championship in Graz, where I was with Roman Kracík. A year later I placed 3rd at the WC in Birmingham, in 2000, I became Asian Champion in Kuwait, a year later I placed 2nd at the WC in Prague. In 2005, I placed 3rd at the WC in Cyprus and then became the European Champion in Bratislava. I was further 5x Czech Champion, 5x Czech Open winner. I have a total of 226 fights as an amateur, 8 fights in boxing, and 33 professional fights in Kickboxing low kick and K1. Lately I have been working at Schejbal Gym in Lovosice, where I retired from my professional career. I have been training children, youth, and adults.