"It is never too late. Adventure does not wait!"
About me
For me, sport is an integral part of life and as I am a big "hectic" and a fighter who wants to motivate people to sport, to a healthy lifestyle and to show one of the forms of great relaxation after a hard day. So I decided to follow this path and become a "trainer" of circular fitness training. I graduated from a secondary school of pedagogy with a focus on physical education, I went on to university, where I expanded my experience with a bachelor's degree in the field of physical education and sports. During my studies, I visited several sports institutions where I could gain experience and ideas. I enjoy playing sports for many reasons. It is one of the ways to relax, come up with new ideas, meet new people, be part of a team and enjoy your moment of exercise. It is a great opportunity to learn new things, get to know new places and gain interesting experiences. It helps us to fulfill our dreams and goals... and the most beautiful moment is when you have completed an activity and you leave with the feeling that you could have done something good for your body and health.