Václav Němeček

1x Czech Champion
3x 3rd place Czech Championship
1x 2nd place International Championship Köln
1x Intercontinental Champion WBU
210 Fights in amateur
Our Box trainer
“Don’t be soft, boxing and life are tough sports!”
Václav N.
About me
I started boxing when I was 16 years old and the passion for this sport has stayed with me my whole life. During my career, I have fought for Czech and international clubs, such as IGM Leipzig or BC Cologne. I have fought over 210 amateur fights. My biggest accomplishment was winning first place at the Czech National Championships in 1992. During my professional career, in 2000, I started coaching, which has always fulfilled me. Besides men and women, I also coach children and youth. I am glad that, besides giving them the chance to work out, I am also giving them a meaningful way to use their free time. Not many know that I am also a self-defense and close combat fighting instructor. I am a Class B trainer. I received my license from Charles University in Prague.